COHASSET- Scott Harshbarger, former Democratic Attorney General in Massachusetts, endorsed Keri Thompson, a United Independent Party candidate for State Representative in the 3rd Plymouth District. Harshbarger endorsed Keri yesterday saying,


"Keri is a talented, energetic and actively engaged citizen. I support her because we need more people like her in public life. She is also exactly the kind of person the United Independent Party hopes to attract –as activists, voters and candidates. At a time when so many people have abandoned hope, believing we can’t change the system, I expect the UIP to continue to motivate other leaders like Keri to step into the ring, too. It's leaders like Keri who are stepping up which will revive and rejuvenate our democracy." Harshbarger, a lifelong Democrat, joined the United Independent Party in June 2016


Said Keri of the endorsement, “I have deep admiration for the work Scott has done for our state, and his commitment as an attorney to upholding real democracy. I’m honored to have his endorsement, and genuinely grateful to know I’ve earned his respect.”


In endorsing Keri, Harshbarger has joined the ranks of Gabriel Gomez (R), former NAVY Seal and former Massachusetts candidate for U.S. Senate, as well as United Independent Party Chairman and former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk.


Keri is running to represent the towns of Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, and North Scituate. If elected, she would be the first independent or third-party candidate in the Massachusetts’ legislature in generations, and the first female ever in this category. Like other candidates in her race, Keri will need to earn at least 150 write-in votes to win the UIP nomination for the September 8 primary. Keri, a Cohasset resident, is currently a full-time communication teacher at Emerson College, and a longtime local civic and political activist.

Keri Thompson