• Person matters more than party.
  • Most Americans don’t fall neatly into one partisan category.
  • All voters genuinely want what is best for their community.
  • We aren’t as different, divisive, and torn apart as we are portrayed to be.
  • Our democracy only works when the people are in charge.
  • Competition for partisan control of our houses of government distracts from cooperation and good legislation.
  • Policies that really work often can’t be summed up in a sound bite. The issues facing the 3rd Plymouth District, as well as Massachusetts and the nation as a whole, are complex, interconnected, and require creative big-picture thinking.

In the 3rd Plymouth District, we understand how idyllic our cities and town are. We appreciate every day the privilege to live in the picture of New England coastal beauty–and that we must work extra hard to make sure lower-income and other marginalized groups are visible and heard. Let’s shine a light on hidden economic insecurity, and prioritize helping our less fortunate friends and neighbors.

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  • Small and local businesses are part of the heart of what makes Massachusetts and New England so charming and distinct. Let’s make it easy for small and local businesses succeed, with supportive legislation, such as tax breaks.

  • A $15 minimum wage is the best solution to the increasing income gap and poverty levels. Massachusetts should be a national leader in its implementation.

  • Women deserve an equal wage to men, and I will fight to close Massachusetts’ 18 percent-average gender wage gap.



  • We cannot continue discriminatory “tough on crime” practices that feed the revolving door of prisons, feed the school-to-prison pipeline, and lead to excessively high incarceration rates that disrupt communities and waste taxpayer dollars.
  • The “war on drugs” has been a failure. We must reframe this issue, and take immediate action to fix our broken sentencing, parole, probation and bail systems.
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casino gambling

  • Casinos and other forms of gambling prey on the disenfranchised and the needy. I hope the voters will join me in voting “no” on expanding Massachusetts Gaming Commission permissions.



  • I believe, as an educator, that Common Core testing standards do more harm than good for the students and children of Massachusetts.
  • I believe, as an educator in "America’s college town," that the best investment in our future generations, and best boost to our economy, is financially accessible higher education.
  • I experience every day the importance of integrating the arts into all aspects of education. Let’s focus on transforming STEM-based curricula to STEAM.
  • As someone who is proud of the education I received from Massachusetts’ public schools, I believe that we need a careful approach to the implementation of charter schools in this state.
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  • It is of high priority to stop climate change. However, this is an easy statement for a candidate to make, but is much harder to properly implement. It’s not enough to simply admit that climate change is real—the only way to secure a healthy future for our children is through strong, specific legislation, creative solutions, and zero tolerance for compromise or greenwashing.
  • A transition to 100% clean, safe, and renewable energy is inevitable. The question is, are we going to do it sooner rather than too late? Massachusetts has the ability to create a green infrastructure that would provide good-paying jobs, and help us become a national leader in this transition, following the successful example set by many states and towns across New England and beyond.
  • Fracking for natural gas does more harm than good for the environment. There is no such thing as clean coal. Nuclear energy is not a safe solution. In transitioning to an energy supply that goes beyond oil, we cannot implement systems or legislation that compromise one kind of environmental health for another. “Good enough” is not enough when it comes to energy policy.
  • I will fight Spectra Energy and strongly oppose the proposed North Weymouth compressor station



  • We cannot continue to let big agriculture companies such as Monsanto monopolize our farms and food supply. We need a return to responsible farming that empowers local farmers and nourishes our communities.

  • The people of Massachusetts have a right to know whether or not GMOs are in the food they are buying. We need bold legislation that requires companies to label their products that contain GMOs–rather than the other way around.

  • We must be proactive in keeping our water supply clean and healthy in all areas of Massachusetts, rather than take it for granted.

  • Responsible farming starts with ethical treatment of workers, land, and animals. We must stop barbaric confinement of farm animals, vote in favor of prohibiting the sale of products from animals contained in cruel conditions, and continue to fight for the rights of all fellow creatures. Let’s continue to strike down “ag-gag” laws and other legislation silencing farmers and lining the pocket of the big agriculture industry.

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  • Americans have a 2nd amendment right to own firearms, but our government can regulate that right, and states can lead the way in national gun policy reform. We need to proactively pass common sense legislation–including background checks, closing gun show loopholes, and banning semiautomatic rifles.
  • It shouldn’t be easier to get a gun than it is to get an actual hunting or fishing license, buy cold medicine, or obtain certain forms of birth control.


health & healthcare

  • Here in Massachusetts, on the frontier of medical and healthcare research, we need a creative reform of our healthcare system that saves families thousands of dollars per year and makes medical services more accessible to all peoples.

  • I believe Massachusetts needs to help lead the way in breaking away from a healthcare system that is controlled by, and lining the pockets of, the big pharmaceutical industry. I believe stopping the over-prescription of heavy-duty narcotics is a key first step to curbing the issue of heroin and other drug abuse.


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transportation & infrastructure

  • Recent outcry over the state of the MBTA provides a great opportunity for wholesale renovation of our roads, bridges, transportation, and other physical infrastructure, which would create hundreds of jobs across the state, better support Massachusetts’ workers and commuters, and encourage the retainment of one of this state’s most important resources—the millions of bright minds that pass through Massachusetts’ hundreds of colleges and universities every year. Let’s make a conscious effort to reap the benefits of the future generations we are giving excellent post-secondary education to in this state.
  • I'm strongly in favor of the North South Rail Linkand the benefits it will provide to the 3rd Plymouth District's commuters, as well as people across Massachusetts and New England.
  • Let's finally get wi-fi on the MBTA ferries–to add to the ease of commuting for much of the district's workforce!



  • I believe constituents should join me in voting to legalize marijuana use in Massachusetts this November, not only to help end discriminatory incarceration for nonviolent marijuana-related offenses, but also as a public health service, and a boost to the economy due to the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities it will create.
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social justice

  • I believe that black lives matter.
  • I believe refugees seeking asylum should be allowed to resettle in Massachusetts—no matter their country of origin.
  • I believe we need a political system that encourages more women, people of color, and LGBT+ people to run for office.
  • I believe that we need to protect the rights of transgender individuals—for starters, to feel comfortable in the workplace, and to use whichever bathroom they please.
  • I believe the right to vote should be easily accessible everyone–we need to implement policies such as early voting, same-day registration, and even automatic registration at age 18 and making Election Day a statewide holiday.


i support

  • The rights of LGBT+ peoples, and promise to work to eliminate discrimination, bullying, and demeaning of people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  • Workers’ rights to unionize.
  • Every woman’s right to choose, and to have total agency over her own body.
  • Tom Brady's innocence.
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