Our two-party system is fundamentally flawed and it's time to break the mold. I want to challenge the notion that most citizens don't care about politics. Voters want brave and courageous leaders but rarely get to vote for any.

It's time to take a stand against consistently being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. It's exhausting voting for the same kinds of candidates over and over without seeing much change. It's insulting being told that party elites know better than we do. Doing what is brave doesn't fit well within most campaign cycles. Many of us believe very much in the idea of American democracy, but no longer see how that idea is working for the people.

Our democracy needs a revolution of creativity and innovation and backbone. We need candidates that care less about getting elected and more about making a difference.




United Independent Party Candidate for State Representative
3rd Plymouth District (Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, North Scituate)

Endorsed by Gabriel Gomez (former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Cohasset resident, and former Navy Seal), and Scott Harshbarger
(former Democratic Massachusetts Attorney General)!

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In the United Independent Party there are no smoke filled back rooms, no committees deciding the nominee, no incumbents appearing on the ballot who are no longer running. There are no strings attached and no rings to be kissed. This is a blank canvas for the voters to write in the candidate of their choice.

By honoring me with your write in vote in this primary (the only open primary on September 8th), we will send a strong message to Beacon Hill that voters will not be taken for granted. Our voice will be heard loud and clear.

A primary for the people

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• I will vote to restore the Speaker term limits which were voted out in the last legislative session

• I will sponsor amendments to impose term limits on the entire legislature—we are here to make a difference, not a living

• I will step down after four terms, if I am honored to get elected to them




• I will pay for my own gas and transportation, instead of using taxpayer dollars

• I will refuse additional salaries for serving on committees

• I will use fundraiser money to cover the costs of my campaign(s), not to furnish my lifestyle

• I will serve out the entirety of every term I am honored to get elected to

• I will step down before any filing deadlines, to ensure a competitive race to succeed me

• I will hold frequent town meetings to engage my constituents, and debates to engage my opponents

• I will pay for my own dry cleaning and do my own laundry! I promise!



• I will demand recorded votes and roll calls for every floor vote on Beacon Hill

• I will demand recorded votes and roll calls in every committee I am appointed to

• I will provide a straightforward explanation for every vote I make

• I will fight to make sure the House of Representatives and its committees observe the Open Meeting Law

• I will sponsor non-partisan redistricting at all levels of government in Massachusetts. Voters should pick their leaders, not the other way around




• I will vote to restore the Clean Elections Law that voters enacted in 2002

• I will vote to ratify the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, overturning Citizens United

• I will co-sponsor and vote for the Resolution to Restore Free and Fair Elections

• I will not take a single dollar of special interest money

• I will spend my free time meeting with constituents in the open rather than raising money from special interests behind closed doors

Someone who believes in a women’s right to choose, LGBT rights and protections, affordable healthcare and higher education, who also opposes Common Core testing standards, supports term limits, recorded votes, and spending taxpayer money wisely.
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